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YouthCARE and OzHarvest team up for Breakfast Club

When YouthCARE chaplain, Sylvia Spatara, heard that OzHarvest was looking for a school to run a pilot cooking program, she jumped at the opportunity and volunteered Eddystone Primary School. 

The program involved a chef and a nutritionist teaching 10 students how to cook simple, nutritional and economical meals. OzHarvest supplied all the food, with fresh fruit and vegetables coming from commercial excess. 

“I am always looking for resources for families, as regular healthy meals are important,” Sylvia said. “Everybody had a great time, and all the children were very excited to eat what they had prepared.”

OzHarvest WA NEST coordinator, Natalie Seigne, said the pilot program was very successful, and she hopes to get additional funding to run more programs in the future. 

“As well as teaching students some of the basic, but fundamental, concepts of healthy eating, the NEST workshop also aimed to increase awareness about healthy foods as well as health and safety, through teamwork, leadership development and self-esteem building,” she said.