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Message from the CEO

Recently, YouthCARE held its 45th anniversary Annual General Meeting.

Pastor Joel Chelliah, of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC), gave the key note talk at the meeting.

Seven founding Member Churches were honoured for their long-standing support.

In recent weeks, I travelled across regional and remote WA to visit schools and communities.

This was part of our ongoing commitment to encourage, strengthen, develop and maintain connections with school leaders, chaplains, volunteers and friends from the community and churches.

It was a great privilege to learn about and appreciate (even if it is just a glimpse) what YouthCARE workers and others face on a daily basis and the wonderful contribution they make in their various roles.

During their regional community gatherings of CVE volunteers, our CVE Field Officers organised opportunities for me to meet our numerous volunteers via SKYPE. What fabulous work they do!

I hope you will enjoy reading this edition which includes a chaplain’s effort to coordinate acts of kindness, a generous life-giving gift to a friend and the growing participation in CVE’s Treasure Hunters program.

God bless.

Stanley Jeyaraj