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Chaplain heads to Africa

YouthCARE chaplain Ben Wyatt and his family are selling everything they own to be Christian workers in North Africa.

Ben has been the chaplain at North Albany Senior High School for the past 6 years and is now moving his family to the other side of the world to start an adventure sport tourism business.

The Albany-local studied part-time to get his business degree, which helped with the visa process.

“You can’t just go and get a Christian worker’s visa to move to a country in North Africa, you need to have a purpose considered legitimate in the eyes of the community,” Ben said.

The country they will be moving to is one of the most stable in North Africa - and with the King wanting the country to focus on tourism – it seems the perfect industry to move into.

“We want the business to be successful and we want to use it to help transform the community by helping with initiatives such as clean water and plastic recycling projects,” Ben said.

“It’s a great way to put our faith into action and encourage the community in a practical way.

“Wherever I go, I want to share the hope I have in Jesus and the business lets us stay and engage in a community that might not otherwise have access to the Gospel.”

The family plan to stay for the long-term - Ben and wife Becca will study Arabic for two years, while also learning about the culture.

“We will also learn some French and Berber and will stay for as long as God calls us to,” Ben said.

Sons Ned (8) and Cedric (6) will attend the local international school.

Apart from being the chaplain, Ben was also a former student at North Albany Senior High School.

“It will be strange not going to school for work,” he said.

“There are staff around who were there when I was a student.

“People were quite emotional at my farewell morning tea and it was lovely to hear the impact I had made on people’s lives.

“A few of the staff even said they will come and visit.”

You can stay in touch with the Wyatt's by emailing: