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YouthCARE Celebrates 45 Years

This year is a milestone year for the organisation as YouthCARE celebrates 45 years of serving the Western Australian community.

Our anniversary includes 45 years of Christian Values Education and 35 years of School Chaplaincy.

In that time, we have experienced significant growth: in 1982, YouthCARE started with just three chaplains. Today there are more than 400 chaplains in over 550 schools - and those numbers are growing.

YouthCARE continues to receive praise from the local community and our political leaders.

During a pre-election debate, the leaders of the Liberal and Labor parties showed united support for YouthCARE’s school chaplaincy.

Their responses came after CEO Stanley Jeyaraj asked what their commitment was beyond 2018, when the current funding agreement ends.

Both said YouthCARE’s school chaplaincy service was a great support to children and families and allowed other staff to carry out their roles more effectively.

Mark McGowan said chaplaincy was a vital service in the school community.

“I’ve had considerable involvement with chaplains in my electorate of Rockingham, they do a brilliant job,” he said.

“I agree that the program should continue. It is a very good program and the funding should roll on.”