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YouthCARE's story

We’re proud to say we’ve been helping to build a brighter future by supporting school communities for more than 40 years. Today, we are the leading provider of pastoral care programs and values education in Western Australia.

Established in 1972 by a diverse group of Christian churches, our service has always been focused on helping to guide and support others through lessons about moral values. Initially, the group was established, as the Churches Commission on Education (CCE), to see Christian values presented well in Western Australian public schools. We then began providing a separate chaplaincy program in 1982, to Central Midlands Senior High School and Kelmscott Senior High School, both of which still have chaplains. The initial program was a success that we have continued to build on. We have made a commitment to consistently improve, update and refresh our service to provide the best support for today’s communities and their needs.

Today, our Christian Values Education (CVE) volunteers undergo several months of training and mentoring. They provide values education tailored to primary schools - facilitating lessons about Christian beliefs, values and ethics. Changing social attitudes and busy school schedules have seen our CVE team serve their school communities by providing programs such as lunch clubs and after school programs.

The Federal Department of Education began supporting schools through the National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) in 2007. This was re-named the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program in 2011. The funding enabled YouthCARE to increase the number of schools we were able to provide chaplaincy services to throughout WA.

Additional support from the State Government allowed us to introduce innovative new programs such as our Pastoral Critical Incidence Response (PCIR) program for emergency situations and our Fly-In Fly-Out Chaplaincy program for rural and remote locations. Now we are able to reach and support more people than ever before.

Local teams, or YouthCARE Councils, were established in conjunction with the chaplaincy program to raise funds and community support for our schools. They help us to provide the best service possible to students, teachers and parents and share our successes with the wider community.

We are grateful for the amount of support that we have received, and continue to receive, from school communities, local businesses, community groups, churches, individuals and our hard-working volunteers. You make our work of creating a brighter future for WA possible.